About Whangarei Tai ji

We teach Yang style Tai ji and Fujian White Crane Kung fu

Our approach

Our lineage is a proud one based on a long tradition. More....

While adhering to the traditions of teaching the principles we are informal in teaching style More....

My teacher's school, and lots about him (including videos), may be found here Central School of Equilibrium

Whangarei Tai ji

#Whangarei Tai ji teaches Tai ji and Fujian White Crane Kung Fu. As handed down by Grand Master Huang Xiang-Xian (that's him on the left) to Wee Kee-Jin. Wee Kee-Jin is the teacher of Alan Jeffery; who is the senior teacher in the school. Alan Jeffery has been learning Tai ji and White Crane Kung Fu for over 30 years. He is the senior teacher of the Whangarei Tai ji school. Originally he started to learn it because of damage to his right knee that prevented him from continuing to do Shotokan Karate.

Alan started learning with Wee Kee-Jin when he first came out to New Zealand in 1991. Every weekend he went to Auckland to train with Jin and his other students. In 1995 Jin authorised Alan to teach Tai ji and Fujian kung fu.

Our style is based on the Yang style and further adapted by Cheng Man Ching and Master Huang Xiang-Xian. Our emphasis is on the principles and the application of internal awareness in movements. As a result our Tai ji can be used for both health and as a martial art.

The principles of Tai ji
It is not sufficient to simply learn the movements of the forms. To really do Tai ji, and to assist with health, you need to apply the principles. If you understand those you can attend any Tai ji school and assess whether it will be beneficial and whether they are teaching Tai ji or "just a bunch of movements."
Tai ji as a martial art
Tai ji can be used as a martial art. To be able to do so it is important to realise that a solid foundation in the principles is required first. You must persevere in your training and practice.
Fujian White Crane
Fujian White Crane is one of the more traditional styles. It teaches strikes as well as holds and breaks and includes weapons. As a result it is potentially very dangerous and this is why the full style is only taught to those over 17.

It is often said that students aren't like they used to be. I prefer to say It is more important that teachers be what their students deserve. Because, without a good teacher, you cannot learn Tai ji or White Crane Kung fu.